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[ July 5, 2006 ]


I see many searches coming in for “DumpTorrent”. Not having heard of DumpTorrent, I did some searching. Apparently it was a small-ish BitTorrent tracker that never left the experimental stage. I’m not sure if it works, but the source went offline and is barely alive in Google’s cache. In the interest of preserving the tiny tracker, I have mirrored the source file.

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[ July 1, 2006 ]

Best BitTorrent Client Software

In their recent BitTorrent Client Comparison, TorrentFreak named µtorrent as the best BitTorrent client. It supports all of the nine essential features:

  1. Download Prioritization
  2. DHT
  3. Selective File Downloading
  4. Encryption
  5. Built-in Tracker
  6. Remote Control
  7. Super Seeding
  8. RSS
  9. UPnP
Best of all, this client has a very light footprint when compared with my previous favorite, Azureus. µtorrent requires only 7mb of RAM. Azureus needs over 50mb. A new version of utorrent has just been released, version 1.6. If you need a good, feature-packed, high performance, fast BitTorrent client, check out µtorrent.

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[ June 25, 2006 ]

Best Torrent Sites

I have been meaning to update the aging BitTorrent Links post for some time now. TorrentFreak, an excellent BitTorrent blog, has put together a great list of sites that will do for now.

  1. Torrentz
  2. Mininova
  3. ThePirateBay
  4. Torrentspy
  5. Isohunt
  6. Meganova
  7. Bitenova
  8. Bittorrent
  9. Torrentbox
  10. TorrentReactor
If you can find what you need on these sites, chances are that it’s just not out there.

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[ September 23, 2005 ]

BitTorrent for Dummies

I thought that I had seen it all when it comes to BitTorrent. It seems to me that there are plenty of resources out on the web that would tell a person everything he might ever want to know about the excellent file sharing program. But there had to be a “dummy” out there who would go out and write a book on how to use BitTorrent. Get your order in now. This book is scheduled for release on October 3, 2005, and I’m sure it will sell out quickly. ;-)

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[ June 24, 2005 ]

BitTorrent is Still the Best

Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent, explained recently why Microsoft’s Avalanche isn’t a BitTorrent-killer. In his rather long post, he makes many bold statements. This is my favorite paragraph:

“As you’ve probably figured out by now, I think that paper is complete garbage. Unfortunately it’s actually one of the better academic papers on BitTorrent, because it makes some attempt, however feeble, to do an apples to apples comparison. I’d comment on academic papers more, but generally they’re so bad that evaluating them does little more than go over epistemological problems with their methodology, and is honestly a waste of time.”

BitTorrent will not die any time soon. And with the new trackerless torrents, it is only going to become stronger and faster.

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[ April 3, 2004 ]

BitTorrent Links

Kevin Elliott put together a nice list of BitTorrent sites. There was one problem, though: none were actually links. And many of the URLs presented were dead. So here, for your clicking enjoyment, is his list in link form. All dead links have been removed. Sites have not been checked for quality, but you can probably determine that for yourself. Let me know if there’s a site that needs to be added to the list.

BitTorrent Tools
Java Bittorrent-Tools
PHP Tracker

BitTorrent FAQ/Education Sites
Official BT FAQ
Infoanarchy FAQ
Wranglerspace's FAQ
Wiki Theory's FAQ
Anime-Kraze FAQ
BitTorrent Help Yahoo Group
Torrent Spy FAQ

BT Project Development Sites
Bram's Official Development Group

General Torrent Sites
Sci-Fi Torrents
Digital Update
Lick My Taint
BitTorrent Files for Slashdot Effect Victims

Anime Torrent Sites
Anime Shelter
Anime Suki
Fansub Support
MircX Anime Torrents
Anime Kraze
Anything Asian
Gundam Torrents
Got Woot
Bittorrent Anime Files
United Anime
Anime Xtreme

TV Torrent Sites
TV Torrents
Watchen TV
Eyes Only Torrent Net (Dark Angel)
Mr. Twig (SouthPark)
Enterprise BT Downloads
Pheonix Foundation (MacGyver)
Digital Distractions

Music Torrent Sites
Musiq Supreme
Live Music Archive
Digital Panic
Mather's BT site
Bomb Session (Disco Biscuits)
Nerd Team
Sonic Sense
Hatfield ETree (Phish)
'74 BitTorrent Project
Colorado Tapers
Veggie Buritos

Other Specialty Torrent Sites
Mutant Liberation Front
A Torrent of Text Files

BitTorrent Link Sites
Suprnova.org Forums

Get more of these at File Soup.

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[ January 2, 2004 ]

Better BitTorrent

Tired of having too many BitTorrent windows open while downloading all of that content? Try out a better BitTorrent client for Windows: TorrentStorm. As the official screenshots show, this client has all of the advanced features of the experimental clients but combines all downloads into one window, reducing unwanted clutter on your desktop.

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[ December 9, 2003 ]

BitTorrent Sites

For your downloading pleasure, here’s a BitTorrent site directory. On the sites featured in this directory, you will find thousands of torrent files for downloading just about anything. Enjoy!

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[ August 13, 2003 ]

Faster Downloads with BitTorrent

I’m typically an early adopter when it comes to hardware, but with software, there are always far too many new projects for me to jump on the bandwagon of each one. Yesterday I decided that there had been enough buzz around BitTorrent that I should give it a shot. To my surprise, getting it up and running was incredibly simple. The NSIS-based installer required minimal interaction. Within minutes, I was downloading a CD image from a site that had been slashdotted. But this wasn’t the normal kind of slashdotted download. Instead of 1Kbps, I was getting about 150Kbps. That was sweet. BitTorrent works by forcing users to upload chunks as they download chunks. That way, all users form a web amongst each other and the downloads just scream. Once your download is finished, you can give back to the downloading community by leaving your BT “seed” running so that others can continue to download from you.

While I was waiting for my downloads to finish last night, I was reading up on all that has been going on in the BT community recently. One interesting discovery was the BT Experimental Client. This new client offers some great improvements over the stock client. In particular, I like all of the extra stats that it lets me monitor. Whether you are a new or experienced BT user, this client is definitely worth a look.

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