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[ September 30, 2005 ]

Universal Remote Controls

I have had a Philips Pronto Pro as my main universal remote for a while. The review on RemoteCentral.com, along with many comments in the RemoteCentral forums, identified this as the best consumer remote on the market at the time that I bought it. The remote was excellent at everything, truly exceeding my expectations. It arrived preconfigured to support every device that I own (and more). I was able to setup macros to control multiple devices with the touch of one button. I was even able to configure it to shut off all of the lights in my living room when I wanted to watch a movie.

But with time, I got tired of looking at the passive matrix LCD display. It’s just old technology that really doesn’t have a place in my “technologically advanced” household. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to these things. When I moved a year ago, I never even bothered unpacking the Pronto Pro. Instead, I am using several different remotes now. I have something like five different remotes on the coffee table, each of which can change the volume on the TV. Yes, I know, it’s disgusting.

It seems that there are some new options on the market these days, though. I first start looking into remotes today when I saw Matt Haughey’s post on the Harmony 880. The Harmony 880 is made by Logitech. I typically like their gear. But I’m really not too sure about this one yet. It looks nice, and as Matt entions, it has that TiVo-like peanut shape to it. But how would it stack up to the old Pronto Pro?

Well it turns out that there’s a new Pronto Pro out now. RemoteCentral has a review on it. This is going to be a tough decision. The new Pronto Pro now has a TFT display and more buttons as well. But I have become a bit spoiled by my DirecTiVo’s peanut-shaped remote lately. Time for more research.

[ September 29, 2005 ]

[ September 28, 2005 ]


I’m working on hacking my implementation of Movable Type to interoperate with Pingback servers. If all is well, I should show up here. I’m hoping to get my Pingback implementation stuffed into a plugin before I’m finished.

[ September 27, 2005 ]

[ September 26, 2005 ]

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[ September 24, 2005 ]

Notes on Making Art

“Do NOT mix generating and editing. When youâre making a piece, donât stop and get judgmental half-way through. If itâs a piece of crap, get that piece of crap out of your system â donât try to fix it mid-flow. Finish it, move on.”

GMail Web Clips

It seems that the “Web Clips” feature of Google’s GMail has been around for a while now. I just saw it tonight for the first time and was quite surprised to see it. The new addition appears to be out in limited testing. Initial thoughts: I would certainly like to have the rotating headlines at the top of my GMail inbox.

[ September 23, 2005 ]

BitTorrent for Dummies

I thought that I had seen it all when it comes to BitTorrent. It seems to me that there are plenty of resources out on the web that would tell a person everything he might ever want to know about the excellent file sharing program. But there had to be a “dummy” out there who would go out and write a book on how to use BitTorrent. Get your order in now. This book is scheduled for release on October 3, 2005, and I’m sure it will sell out quickly. ;-)

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[ September 2, 2005 ]

Magellan Roadmate

Does anyone around here know anything about the Magellan Roadmate 760 GPS? I am thinking about getting one of these. I miss the GPS navigation that I had in a previous car, but factory nav systems are just way too expensive.

This unit seems like a viable alternative to a factory system. But I’m really just wondering what others think about it at this point. Has anyone used a 760?

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