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[ November 30, 2004 ]

Contact Form

The contact form for this site has been neglected for quite some time. Today it finally works. Please feel free to send your thoughts and/or comments about the site via this form.

[ November 24, 2004 ]

Froogle Wishlists

The latest entry in the Google blog talks about Froogle’s new wishlist feature. So, as a responsible internet citizen, I have created my own wishlist.

I have a couple of complaints about the wishlists, though. First, the URL contains my gmail address. And second, the same email address is featured prominently in plain text at the top of the wishlist page.

I don’t mind giving this address out to the two or three people who might be reading this entry, but Google is effectively handing my address out to spammers when I link to the wishlist. Please, Google, use some other unique identifier in the URL, and display my name instead of my email address on the wishlist page. This needs to change ASAP!

[ November 22, 2004 ]

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After reading an update on Ping-O-Matic, I decided it was time to give it a try. This service seems to be quite extensive and saves me from having to maintain a list of active RPC ping URLs. The tool pings a list of 43 different sites and promises to add more as they appear.

[ November 19, 2004 ]

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[ November 18, 2004 ]

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[ November 17, 2004 ]

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Finally Upgraded Movable Type

OK, so I finally got off my duff and upgraded the site to MT 3.121 today. I haven’t heard anybody complaining about problems with the recent versions, so I think the 3.x series is probably stable enough for this site now. Not that stability was preventing me from upgrading, though. That was procrastination mixed with a bit of fear.

Browsing the site itself, I don’t notice a single difference. Of course, that’s what I expected since everything MT generates for me is static. But the new admin interface is really slick. The Six Apart crew did a great job a making this app even easier to use.

There are definitely some known CSS deficiencies on the site. Those are my fault. Hopefully I’ll get all of those worked out later this afternoon.

That’s all for now. If you notice any errors, please leave a comment on this post to let me know. My contact form is still not operational, so that will have to do.

Update: Thanks to Brian for pointing out a missing template in the new config. Search results look cleaner now, too.

[ November 16, 2004 ]

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[ November 15, 2004 ]

Flickr Techniques

Flickr has started a new discussion group called Technique that is already off to a great start providing all kinds of exciting details on how to take certain kinds of photos. The group will likely grow into a repository of method descriptions along with accompanying examples. I have already learned a new trick in the few minutes that I have spent browsing the forum today.

Halo 2

I am rather surprised to have not seen much coverage of Halo 2 on the blogging scene lately. There’s been a lot of talk about the latest in the GTA series and Half-Life 2 but no mention of Halo 2.

Perhaps it’s the Xbox-only nature of the game, but I read somewhere that there were over 2 million copies sold in the first week. And I know for a fact that the bungie.net server stated that there were 385,000 people online while I was playing last night. So why is everyone so quiet about this new game?

Well, I’m not going to stay quiet. I may not be the best at the game, but here’s a link to my stats. It’s nice to see online console games using the web to allow the players to view their stats and the stats of their friends. Heck, I even have an RSS feed from Bungie that is updated after every game I play. That is really nice.

Anyhow, if you have an Xbox and haven’t checked out Halo 2 yet (is that really posssible?), please do so. Sure, you’re adding money to Microsoft’s coffers, but that little company called Bungie that they bought is full of some really talented people.

Update: Wired News gives an excellent brief on the new game.

[ November 13, 2004 ]

[ November 12, 2004 ]

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[ November 3, 2004 ]

Crypto-Gram Blog

Bruce Schneier’s Crypto-Gram Newsletter is now a blog. Schneier on Security will have the same content as the newsletter but will be updated more frequently. The same great security news and advice will now be available in a more familiar, easily searchable form. If you are interested in computer security, be sure to check the site out.

[ November 2, 2004 ]


I voted. You should, too. Despite many reports of record turnouts today, the line was relatively short at my polling place. I was in and out in under 20 minutes. The results tonight should be interesting.

Also, take a look at Technorati’s Bloggers’ Votes.

[ November 1, 2004 ]

TiVo Season Pass Hot 100

TiVo has released some of the data they have been collecting from all of the TiVo owners out there in the form of the TiVo Season Pass Hot 100. This list includes the top 100 TiVo Season Pass subscriptions as well as a list of the “top rated programs for the week of 10/17/04-10/23/04”. It’s rather interesting to see just exactly how much dominance reality shows have in TV-land.  [via PVRblog]

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