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[ May 17, 2004 ]

MT 3.0?

John Gruber:

“The current versions of both of my MT plug-ins — SmartyPants and Markdown — are fully compatible with MT 3.0.”

OK, that was going to be the biggest obstacle for the MT3 upgrade. With that out of the way, there are only a few remaining plugins that need confirmation: Optional-Redirect, Regex Plugin, SQL Plugin, and SimpleComments. I don’t think I’m actually even using the SQL plugin. I may or may not be using the Regex plugin. Not having either of those wouldn’t totally destroy the site. SimpleComments is one that my archive templates are currently depending on, however. I’m going to need to verify that one will work before any upgrading commences.

I remember examining the code for the Optional-Redirect plugin when it first was released. It was short and simple. I should easily be able to build my own version of this plugin if it doesn’t work out of the box with MT3.

In the mean time, I fired up a new blog on the free version of MT3 this afternoon. My initial reaction is that MT3 looks a lot like TypePad. The colors are the same. I haven’t ever used the CMS interface of TypePad, but I would be willing to wager that it is very similar. And the name has changed, too. Instead of being a “Personal Publishing System”, it’s now “Movable Type Publishing Platform”. I suppose that goes well with the pricing structure that so many are upset about.

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