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[ October 10, 2003 ]

PageRank vs. Spammers

Jeremy put it best when he said:

“Low Price, Fast Delivery, PRIVACY! FDA Approved Medications online. SOMA, ADIPEX, Viagra, and MUCH MORE. Go Online. Fill out your Prescription Request. Your request will be reviewed by a Licensed US Physician. If Approved, your medication will be dispensed by a Licensed US Pharmacy. Requests received by 2:00 PM EST will arrive the very next business day.”

Well, anyway, this entry is part of “PageRank Abuse Day”.
“Attend a Free Online Product Sales and Acquisition Conference. To make money on eBay and the Internet you need to get the source product at deep discounts. In this free online conference you will learn how to acquire thousands of products directly from the manufacturers – (cut the middlemen and buying clubs) at wholesale or less - including overstocks and discontinued items for pennies on the dollar.”

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