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[ December 14, 2005 ]

Uni-ball Jetstream

I first found out about the Uni-Ball Jetstream Ball Point Pen on Cool Tools last week. It was claimed to be the “best pen for left handers”, so, being sort of a pen nut, I had to try it out.

I got a 2-pack at Target a couple of days ago, one black and one blue. They had both the 0.7mm and 1.0mm varieties, but since I had just recently purchased a pack of 0.38mm pens, I decided to go big. After years of using fine point pens, the 1mm seems sort of like the old jumbo pencils that I used way back in kindergarten. The lines are big and bold. The tip just seems to flow across the page. It’s a really nice pen.

While I’m not quite on the Danny Gregory level of pen consumerism, I know a good pen the moment it hits my paper. Next, I will probably need to hit the opposite end of the spectrum and try out the Uni-Ball Signo Bit — a needle-like 0.18mm!

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[ December 7, 2005 ]

Google Pushing Talk on GMail

In the wake of some bold predictions by Robert X. Cringely, Google Talk advertisements were spotted on GMail today in a rather prominent location:

Google Talk ad on GMail

Could this be the start of the big VoIP push by the big Internet players? This should be fun to watch.

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[ December 6, 2005 ]

Amazon Product Previews

I’m trying out a beta of Amazon’s new web 2.0-compliant, buzzword-friendly, ajax-driven product previews on the site today. If you want to see the beta in action, hover over the following links. If not, please ignore this post.

Canon Powershot SD200
Garmin StreetPilot c330

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