Full Speed

[ October 18, 2005 ]

Google Updates

A little tidbit for the SEO community slipped out on Matt Cutts’ blog yesterday:

“Just to give you a heads-up, I think a new set of backlinks (and possibly PageRank) will probably be visible relatively soon; Iâm guessing within the next few days.”
Even though he goes on to say that this will result in a bit of flux afterwards, I certainly hope that the Google results will be consistent after this is over. I have two laptops on the table in front of me right now. When I enter certain searches that I have been monitoring on Google, I see completely different results from the two machines. On one machine, I see that my site has some 40,000 pages in Google’s index. On the other machine, there are around 15 pages. This is not good. Hopefully they will fix this soon.

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