Full Speed

[ October 17, 2005 ]

Technical Books

For quite some time, O’Reilly has been the trusted source for technical books in my household. I have a rainbow of O’Reilly books on my bookshelf. And while it is not as large as this library, the O’Reilly books still make up for over 50% of the books that I own. I have recently been shopping for books to add to my Amazon wishlist, and, feeling already overwhelmed with O’Reilly books and tech books in general, I’m needing some new ideas.

Has anyone read any good books lately? Amazon’s Best-Seller List has been dominated by Mr. Potter lately, so that’s not much help. And the New York Times Best-Seller Lists are full of authors I have never heard of.

I suppose I must call upon the powers of the great LazyWeb. Oh LazyWeb, help me! I need an authoritative site that lists good, modern books along with coherent reviews. Any takers?

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