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Movable Type 3.2 Comment Management

Movable Type 3.2 has been portrayed as a worthwhile upgrade. It adds some neat new features. But today, I found out about a killer feature that makes me want this update now: better comment management.

And we’re not just talking about a minor improvement to the existing comment management functionality. We’re talking about a revolutionary change. HTML email notifications! And from within those notifications, you can read the comment, edit the comment, approve it, or delete it. For me, it just doesn’t get any better than that. This is a huge time saver.

Now here’s the only problem: To my knowledge, this feature hasn’t been announced for MT 3.2 yet. It’s just a new TypePad feature. If you are listening, Six Apart, please add this in 3.2!

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Fedora’s Legacy

I found the Fedora Legacy download site a while back and forgot where it was. So today I’m making a note of it here for those painful times when I have to deal with old Red Hat servers.

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[ July 6, 2005 ]

Two Years of Full Speed

Wow, I can’t believe it. It’s already been two years since the first post on this blog. To the loyal readers out there, thanks for your time. While the blog has been neglected at some points, it’s been a blast to publish content here!

Insensitive iTunes

Sam Ruby’s Shameless Pandering prompted me to link to his prior post on the problems with the way iTunes handles XML feeds. The comments in that post explain everything in full detail. If this topic is of any interest to you, please link to Sam’s post and help us get this in front of someone at Apple.

[ July 5, 2005 ]

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[ July 4, 2005 ]

Cheap Electricity in Texas

As if I didn’t have enough to do in my spare time already, I have joined Ignite Energy as a Sales Associate.

Ignite is a company that sells electricity in Texas locales that, thanks to recent deregulation efforts, offer a choice of utility providers (pdf link). The incumbent utility providers are typically the most expensive in town, and recent surveys have shown that around 85% of us have not switched to a cheaper provider. If you live in a part of Texas that allows you to choose who you buy your electricity from, I encourage you to visit the site and take control of your energy bill today.

Ignite also offers you the opportunity to sell their products as an affiliate. Visit the site for more information on those programs.

Sorry for the blatant plug. Back to the regularly scheduled content.

[ July 2, 2005 ]

Movable Type 3.2 Released

This new release is full of new features. Trackback moderation is finally here! There is also a Junk folder where hopefully all of the trackback and comment spams will appear — instead of appearing on the blog. Feedback Rating is another new feature. Think of this as SpamAssassin for your blogs’ comments and trackbacks — all built-in. The System Overview provides a high-level view of the entire MT installation, spanning all blogs.

In all, there are 32 new features. This should be a very impressive release.

Update: It seems that the new software isn’t actually out yet. 6A is just hyping the new release at this point. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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