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[ April 30, 2005 ]

Tiger Arrived!

Tiger Arrived today. Well, technically it was yesterday, but I haven’t slept yet since I’ve been having so much fun with my new OS. I was driving home from work and noticed the FedEx truck parked at the office of my apartment building. I quickly parked and ran in to meet up with the FedEx guy who handed me the package.


The install was a breeze. I chose the “Archive & Install” for the first time and was very pleased. Having everything on one DVD was really nice, too.

First impressions are that the Dashboard is really slick, and the boot time is probably about 1/4 of what it used to be. This product is highly recommended. If you are a Mac user and haven’t ordered it yet, you really should.

[ April 24, 2005 ]

Technorati Claim

In order to claim this site as mine on Technorati, I give you the following link to my Technorati Profile. Sorry for the trouble.

[ April 19, 2005 ]

Movable Type 3.16 Released

Movable Type 3.16 has been released. And to be sure that you found out about it, there were five blog entries on sixapart.com about the release.

Also on the Movable Type front, a workflow plugin has been released. This fills one of the few remaining voids in making MT into a serious CMS.

[ April 14, 2005 ]

Pre-Order Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Save $35

Amazon.com has Tiger available for pre-order with a $35 rebate. That brings your cost for Tiger down to $94.99+tax if you opt for the free shipping. I just placed my order.

Update: Tiger is now shipping, and Amazon is still offering $35 in rebates!

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