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[ May 24, 2006 ]

Electrons and Leptons, Meters and Liters

Google Reader is down at the moment, and because I enjoy the various web outage screens, here’s Reader’s.

[ May 21, 2006 ]

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[ May 17, 2006 ]

New Feature: Related Entries

There’s a new Related Entries feature here at Full Speed today, courtesy of Adam Kalsey. You can see it in action below. It’s a quick, simple hack that uses MySQL’s fulltext queries and Brad Choate’s eternally useful MTSQL plugin. For the sake of documenting the way things work on this site, I will document the basic steps here.

1) Add a fulltext index to the mt_entry table:

2) Add the query to the individual entry archive template in MT:

<MTSQLEntries query="
SELECT entry_id, MATCH (entry_keywords, entry_title, entry_excerpt)
AGAINST ('[MTEntryKeywords encode_php='q'] [MTEntryTitle encode_php='q']')
AS score
FROM mt_entry
WHERE MATCH (entry_keywords, entry_title, entry_excerpt)
AGAINST ('[MTEntryKeywords encode_php='q'] [MTEntryTitle encode_php='q']')
AND entry_id != '[MTEntryID]'
AND entry_blog_id = [MTBlogID]
LIMIT 0 , 4"><li><a href="<MTEntryLink>">

[ May 13, 2006 ]

Schneier on NSA Wiretapping

This is the line that’s done best for me on the radio: “The NSA would like to remind everyone to call their mothers this Sunday. They need to calibrate their system.”

[ May 12, 2006 ]

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[ May 4, 2006 ]

[ May 3, 2006 ]

links for 2006-05-03

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