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The new rel=”nofollow” syntax for html a tags has caused quite a stir on the web this week. It seems that almost all of the blogs that I read are abuzz with opinions and comments regarding this impressive feat of cooperation amongst the major search engines. Here are the official announcements:

And now that a bit of the dust has settled, the following links are ex post facto, third-party opinions that I found interesting:

[ January 19, 2005 ]

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[ January 11, 2005 ]

New Apple Products

Apple unveiled many new products at the MacWorld SF Expo today:

Sadly, there were no PowerBook updates.

Global White Space Reset

I saw a mention of the ‘Global White Space Reset’ technique on someone’s website several weeks back. Ever since then, I have been thinking of the many different ways I could use it. The problem was that I couldn’t remember what it was called or where I had seen it. But tonight, after an hour or so of Googling for it, I finally found it. I am certain that I will use this in my next web design project.

[ January 7, 2005 ]

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