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[ April 25, 2004 ]

SpamAssassin Customization

A recent post on MeFi pointed me to some custom rulesets on the SpamAssassin Wiki.

My typical antispam arsenal consists of SpamAssassin plus Eudora’s Bayesian filtering. On a normal day in the past, SpamAssassin (set to a threshold of 6.5) would return around twenty false negatives. Of those twenty, Eudora might catch 75% on a good day. The rest would be marked as spam in hopes of further training the Bayesian filter.

Since installing these new custom rulesets, however, only two spams have gotten past SpamAssassin. Oddly enough, Eudora didn’t catch them either, but that’s beside the point. Any reduction in spam volume means more time for doing other things, so I’m very pleased.

And since these rulesets often change frequently, there’s Rules Du Jour, a bash script that downloads the latest scripts automatically.

[ April 24, 2004 ]

HDTV TiVO Released

After months of waiting, TiVo has finally released its first HD DVR. The Hughes HR10-250 DirecTiVo features dual HD and SD tuners, a 250GB hard drive, and support for recording locally aired DTV broadcasts. It can record up to 30 hours of HD and up to 200 hours of standard definition programming. Much more information about this new device can be found on the TiVo Community forums along with some first impressions.

Update: Matt Haughey over at PVRblog is predicting that we’ll be seeing these for $400-500 on the street soon. Also, he is expecting a review unit, so I’m sure we will see an excellent review on his site before long.

[ April 22, 2004 ]

A Browser Wish

I really hate PDF links on websites. I’m talking about the kind of PDF link that doesn’t warn you that you are about to download a PDF file. This is mostly because I really don’t like waiting for Acrobat Pro to load. It’s an enormous example of bloatware. Adobe should probably fix that problem, but I’m sure there is a simpler workaround.

My idea involves using a bit of DHTML to display a PDF icon near the pointer when it is hovering over a PDF link, similar to Nice Titles. It seems that the Nice Titles script could probably be extended to do this without much effort, but I haven’t really looked through the code yet.

Has anyone seen anything similar to this out there? And better yet: Does anyone know how this type of functionality might be added to Firefox?

Update: I’ve modified Phil’s idea below a slight bit to forge a workable temporary solution. The following is now in my userContent.css file:

a[href$=".pdf"]:hover:after {
  content: " [pdf]";
  color: red;

[ April 10, 2004 ]


John Battelle found a story about the bidding war over the keyword Mesothelioma for targeted search engine advertising. It seems the lawyers are raking in so much money on their Mesothelioma cases that they have bid the keyword up to $100 in some cases.

According to Mesothelioma Web, one could have been exposed to asbestos for a period of only a few months and then develop the rare cancer 30 to 40 years later. So, many people who were exposed in the mid-1900s are just now seeing symptoms.

And the attorneys are loving it. They have often given themselves new titles, such as “Asbestos Attorney” or “Mesothelioma Lawyer”. They are building up an entire segment of their industry around this deadly disease and its victims.

And in the world of always-on internet connections that we live in today, it is only natural to see an overwhelming amount of advertising for anything that can be so profitable. This make me wonder, however, if there are other keywords that are so costly.

[ April 6, 2004 ]

HDTV TiVo Coming Soon

I’ve written about the HDTV TiVo here in the past and there has been much speculation elsewhere. Until now, this holy grail of DVRs has been mere vapor. A few days ago, however, photos of a Hughes HD DirecTiVo prototype were posted to the TiVo Community Forum. Additionally, I found that there is at least one reseller taking preorders. [Via PVRblog]

[ April 5, 2004 ]

Some Links

playfair — Free your iTunes Music

“The playfair program is quite simple. It takes one of the iTMS Protected AAC Audio Files, decodes it using a key obtained from your iPod or Microsoft Windows system and then writes the new, decoded version to disk as a regular AAC Audio File. It then optionally copies the metadata tags that describe the song, including the cover art, to the new file.”

IT Conversations — New Ideas Through Your Headphones

JS Calendar — The coolest DHTML calendar widget

[ April 3, 2004 ]

BitTorrent Links

Kevin Elliott put together a nice list of BitTorrent sites. There was one problem, though: none were actually links. And many of the URLs presented were dead. So here, for your clicking enjoyment, is his list in link form. All dead links have been removed. Sites have not been checked for quality, but you can probably determine that for yourself. Let me know if there’s a site that needs to be added to the list.

BitTorrent Tools
Java Bittorrent-Tools
PHP Tracker

BitTorrent FAQ/Education Sites
Official BT FAQ
Infoanarchy FAQ
Wranglerspace's FAQ
Wiki Theory's FAQ
Anime-Kraze FAQ
BitTorrent Help Yahoo Group
Torrent Spy FAQ

BT Project Development Sites
Bram's Official Development Group

General Torrent Sites
Sci-Fi Torrents
Digital Update
Lick My Taint
BitTorrent Files for Slashdot Effect Victims

Anime Torrent Sites
Anime Shelter
Anime Suki
Fansub Support
MircX Anime Torrents
Anime Kraze
Anything Asian
Gundam Torrents
Got Woot
Bittorrent Anime Files
United Anime
Anime Xtreme

TV Torrent Sites
TV Torrents
Watchen TV
Eyes Only Torrent Net (Dark Angel)
Mr. Twig (SouthPark)
Enterprise BT Downloads
Pheonix Foundation (MacGyver)
Digital Distractions

Music Torrent Sites
Musiq Supreme
Live Music Archive
Digital Panic
Mather's BT site
Bomb Session (Disco Biscuits)
Nerd Team
Sonic Sense
Hatfield ETree (Phish)
'74 BitTorrent Project
Colorado Tapers
Veggie Buritos

Other Specialty Torrent Sites
Mutant Liberation Front
A Torrent of Text Files

BitTorrent Link Sites
Suprnova.org Forums

Get more of these at File Soup.

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