Full Speed

[ November 11, 2003 ]

Nice Design

I just happened upon the blog at 1976design.com. Not only does this site have an excellent design, but it also uses some advanced CSS techniques that I’ve not seen used elsewhere. Check out the article on site updates for more info.

Video Orbits

I thought that I’d lost the link to this site a few days ago. While planning for my upcoming trip to Europe, I realized that it would be nice to have software on hand to make some image composites. This software is probably the best that I’ve seen for what I wish to accomplish. But I had no idea what it was called or who wrote it. Now I do, however: Comparametric by Professor Steve Man of the University of Toronto. Google is a wonderful tool when the brain forgets.

Required Reading

Simon Willison pointed me to some excellent articles on CSS layouts. With these and another article on the same site, I think I finally have everything I need to solve the problems that have been causing my new design to remain unfinished. Just remember, Position is Everything.

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