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[ July 1, 2006 ]

Best BitTorrent Client Software

In their recent BitTorrent Client Comparison, TorrentFreak named µtorrent as the best BitTorrent client. It supports all of the nine essential features:

  1. Download Prioritization
  2. DHT
  3. Selective File Downloading
  4. Encryption
  5. Built-in Tracker
  6. Remote Control
  7. Super Seeding
  8. RSS
  9. UPnP
Best of all, this client has a very light footprint when compared with my previous favorite, Azureus. µtorrent requires only 7mb of RAM. Azureus needs over 50mb. A new version of utorrent has just been released, version 1.6. If you need a good, feature-packed, high performance, fast BitTorrent client, check out µtorrent.

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