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[ July 24, 2003 ]

I won't BuyMusic.com!

Jeffrey Zeldman beat me to the punch with his bit about Buy.com’s new music site:

The Web Standards Project says everything we would have said about this foolishness.

Updated July 27, 2003:

Apple’s iTunes Music Store certainly does it right. They sold a very large amount of music in the first few weeks, and I don’t see any sign of that slowing down. And with the ability to play that music on the ultimate personal music player, the momentum is certainly powerful.

But BuyMusic.com music won’t play on my iPod. In fact, I can’t even download it on my Mac. It’s not only restricted to windows, but it’s also restricted to Internet Explorer and WMA audio. The will certainly be competitors that will challenge Apple in this market, but BuyMusic.com is not one of them.

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