Full Speed

[ July 30, 2003 ]


I just discovered Zempt this past weekend. In short, it’s totally changing the way I post to my site.

First off, since it runs on my PC instead of on my web server, it’s a lot faster than Movable Type’s web interface. Sure, there are other tools that have similar functionality, but I haven’t been happy with them.

Second, it’s got spell check! Hopefully this will take care of the inevitable typos that plague my postings.

And my favorite feature of this tool is the Preview functionality. The preview isn’t anything special–it’s just showing my simple markup in a basic HTML control. But it’s far faster than MT’s web interface. This is a major plus for me.

And lastly, Zempt will be a multi-platform app as soon as the next release is available–Linux support is due in version 0.4. Mac support is also supposed to show up in 0.5. I can’t wait!

If you’re looking for a better tool for posting to Movable Type, be sure to check out Zempt.

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